Presenter: Rama Sridhar – Executive Vice President, Business Development, Digital & Emerging, Partnerships, New Payment Flows, Asia Pacific

About the Speaker:
Rama Sridhar is an experienced Business Head, Strategist and an Expert in Payments. Driven by a passion for excellence, she takes pride in providing the best executive leadership possible. As Executive Vice President, Mastercard for Digital and Emerging Partnerships, her goals include expanding the company’s stakeholder base to new client segments – digital ecosystems; strategic partnerships and establishing Mastercard’s presence in new payment flows across businesses and consumers.

During her 13 years at Mastercard, she is widely recognized as an expert Business Manager with deep and strategic insights on emerging trends in payments across Asia Pacific and brings her sharp commercial acumen to drive brand leadership across all client segments.

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Moderator: Linda Stanojevic – Founder & MD TSC and CSO & CMO EPA Asia