About the Meet-Her She Knows Payment

The Meet-Her She Knows, MHSK, Payments Project idea was initiated by the Emerging Payment Association Asia’s CEO Camilla Bullock in 2021. Camilla’s vision was to close the gender gap in thought leadership in the payments industry.

After a successful initiation, the project evolved and is now a separate business initiative driven by Think Share Care, TSC, Pty Ltd under their Empower Innovation department and EPA Asia. TSC helps companies to develop strategy, product, and marketing concepts and programs to initiate, enhance, and excel Innovation output.

EPA Asia and selected Payment industry Corporates, that are forward thinking and focused on increasing diversity in the Payments industry, are sponsoring the Meet-Her She Knows Payments program. Ultimately, to increase the innovation output.

Our Uniqueness

For established payments corporations and start-ups. We provide a platform for our payments community to participate in thought-provoking discussions with recognised and influential female thought leaders. Together, we navigate an evolving regulatory environment, facilitate profitable business partnerships and drive innovative ideas.

Our purpose is to empower innovation in the payments industry with the most influential female payments thought leaders, in the Asia Pacific, Europe and the US.