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The Meet-Her She Knows Payments mentorship program is designed to inspire and motivate future thought leaders through the sharing of industry knowledge and experiences. Together with your partner Mentor / Mentee, you are invited to learn and inform on future ideas and possibilities surrounding current and emerging trends within the Payments industry while helping with challenges and hurdles that may be a barrier to professional growth and development.

What is Thought Leadership?

A thought leader is someone who, based on their expertise and industry perspective, offers unique guidance, inspires innovation and influences others. They provide unique views on emerging trends and through collaboration with others, shape the path of evolution and innovation in their area of knowledge.

The Payments Industry has a gap in female thought leaders and we know that there are highly talented women among us who, under the guidance of a highly skilled thought leader, will have the confidence to share her views and offer diversity in the discussions happening all around us. 

Our goal under “Meet Her She Knows Payments” is to provide a platform for our payments community to participate in thought provoking discussions with recognised and influential female leaders.

Applications are ongoing, with no closing date. Applicants will be reviewed, and matched with Mentors by our mentorship team. Applicants will be notified via email if they are successful.

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