Embedded Finance

Presenter: Denise Johansson – Co-Founder. Co-CEO, Enfuce

About the Speaker:
Denise Johansson, co-CEO at Enfuce, a payment processor company delivering debit, prepaid, and credit card solutions across Europe and scaling globally.

She is a thought leader within payments and open banking as well as an active spokesperson for women in fintech and bringing sustainable financial solutions to the world.

In the last 15+ years in the payment industry, she has helped numerous European fintechs and financial institutes enter new markets fast with safe, secure, and scalable card products, while continuously making the financial industry more sustainable.

As the co-founder of a leading European fintech, Enfuce, her job is to drive the payments revolution for fintechs, banks and merchants. Enfuce was the first in the world to put payment processing into the public cloud and is taking the payments world by storm.

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Moderator: Linda Stanojevic – Founder & MD TSC and CSO & CMO EPA Asia