Presenter: Tessa Wajiya – CEO and COO at Xendit

About the Speaker:
Tessa is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Xendit, where she is responsible for the firm’s business operations, including service and support, partnerships, government, and public relations, as well as compliance.

Before embarking on her journey into technology and fintech in 2015, she led a successful career in private equity at firms like QUVAT, Fairways, and Mizuho. Today, she has achieved her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Not only is Tessa one of the few women in the continuously evolving payments landscape, but she is also the first female start-up founder to achieve unicorn status in Indonesia who will be setting the scene for our moderated lead discussion.

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Moderator: Linda Stanojevic – Founder & MD TSC and CSO & CMO EPA Asia