Presenter : Anna May – Founder & CEO of Creative Link and Senior Advisor at Truffle Capital

About the Speaker:
Anna-May Anna brings 20+ years of experience (including C-Level and NED roles) in driving banking and payments innovation in Europe (PwC, T-Mobile, Citigroup). Recently, she has been involved in consulting engagements in the Middle East.

Anna combines hands-on experience with a strategic approach across FinTech. Her expertise lies in the field of innovative payment and banking solutions (digital payments, open finance, AI, blockchain), acquired in the strategy, innovation & product management roles. Anna is building cooperation models between banks and FinTech startups, mostly in the Open Banking and Payments domain.

She is a Founder & CEO of Creative Link connecting dots in banking and payments, Senior Advisor at Truffle Capital as well as Expert at the European Innovation Council.

She is teaching at the CFTE – Centre for Finance, Technology & Entrepreneurship in London Open Banking and Platforms in Finance
Conversational AI in Banking – from Chatbots to Virtual Assistants
AIDT Asian Institute of Digital Transformation (Open Banking & Open Innovation).
Co-Author of The PAYTECH Book and The AI Book. She is also a keynote speaker at flagship industry conferences as well as an experienced trainer for banks and payment companies. Recognized as one of the TOP10 FinTech Innovators (2021); TOP10 Women in FinTech (2020); “TOP 25 Women Leaders in Financial Technology of 2019”.

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Moderator: Linda Stanojevic – Founder & MD TSC and CSO & CMO EPA Asia