A diversity umbrella holds many subgroups, such as culture, socio-economic, heritage, religion, age, etc. The largest unbalanced subgroup identified in the Payments industry innovation and thought leadership, diversity umbrella is gender. The Empower Innovation Program for the Payments industry is therefore primarily focused on gender diversity, via initiatives under the Meet-Her She Knows Payments Program.


There is a statistically significant correlation between team diversity levels above 0.59, using the Blau Index of Diversity scale, and innovation revenues generated by a team. As such, we acknowledge that implementing a more diverse team can become a competitive advantage for businesses, which is turn may deliver a higher innovation output for the industry.

We understand that re-engineering teams to become more diverse may have its own challenges. Therefore, the MHSK Payments Program will provide companies with inspiration, education and thought leadership insights into how diversity can be better achieved.


The talent pool is under constant competition. Becoming an advocate for diversity, can attract talent to your business. In the long run a more diverse business have a higher probability of retaining talent and thereby increase the innovation output.

As a valuable, future-looking partner and sponsor, your participation in these initiatives will showcase you as a forward-thinking company, that is serious about driving change, by investing in the MHSK Payments diversity program.

As a sponsor for the MHSK program you will be seen as a thought leader, advocating for diversity to empower innovation, in the Payments industry, and by doing so, attracting, and retaining talent in your team.