About Meet-Her

She Knows Payments

A Collaboration between APAC’s most influential female payments leaders hosted by the Emerging Payments Association Asia.

The What

A series of online meetings to shape the debate and create advocacy for policy that will advance the payments industry and its participants in APAC to serve the ultimate goal of improving people's lives

The Who

Women in APAC who want to influence how the payments industry will look in the future; influential and engaging female thought leaders from a broad base in government and the finance industry, including e-commerce, banking, insurance, wealth, risk, compliance, PR, as well as payments specialists

The Payoff

A book with ideas how to improve the payments industry for the APAC region. A go-to source for female thought leadership for future gender balanced panel discussions, round tables and other executive events. Innovation through more diverse inputs.

This is a project for diversity but not about diversity. During ten events we will bring together a group of female thought leaders to discuss and debate one payment topic at the time, to bring clarity to what needs to be done to strengthen the advocacy agenda across the APAC region. The discussion and the findings will be captured and used for a book that will be promoted through the EPA community.

What is Meet-Her?

Who will get value from Meet-Her?

What is Meet-Her?

This project is for senior Female Payments Leaders who wants to influence how the payments industry in APAC will look in the future.

This is a book for passionate payments professionals who want to understand what matter in APAC.

Who will get value from Meet-Her?

The Payoff

Three Key Benefits

Influence APAC regional policy

The co-created outcome of each session will directly influence the Emerging Payments Association Asia's agenda.

Thought Leadership

Who are the female thought leaders in the APAC payments industry? Find them and hear them in this book.. .

Innovation through Diversity

The project offers a unique opportunity for women to collaborate with each other and be the majority in the room. This book will ensure that there is a strong participation by women in enhancing the ability of the APAC payments industry to respond to challenges with collaborative innovation.

Why have we launched this project?

EPA Asia’s objective with this project is that in the future we will see equal numbers of women and men around the decision table, at executive events, boards meetings and panel discussions in the payments industry. They will be there because their voice matters to create a better outcome. 

Make Female Thought Leaders more visible and amplify their voice across the region.

EPA Asia has had a lower than expected participation of female payments leaders, especially at Round Table events and as panellists and presenters, averaging about 27% during 2019. This low figure of female involvement is not unique for EPA Asia – when looking across the industry we see that the majority of speakers, authors and influencers are male.

We are used to hearing about the gender pay gap, but what if there’s a gender thought-leadership gap? If such a gap exists, which evidence is pointing towards, our concerns are that the payments industry is missing out of the positive impact on innovation that diversity and gender balance will have.

Create an arena to discuss regional policy and advocacy as an input to the broader EPA Asia program.

During this project hundred thought leaders (they just happen to all be female) will come together and discuss the current state of the APAC payments industry and come up with ideas how to further the regional advocacy and policy agenda.

Increase the female engagement in EPA Asia's community

After this project has come to an end our vision is that EPA Asia going forward will have a gender balanced participation and representation in panel discussions, round tables, executive events. 

Fun, Valuable, Legacy, Future Looking

In the time of uncertainty and social distancing that COVID-19 has brought about, this project has become a source of positive engagement. It is meant to be fun. Thought leaders are being connected – we are co-creating for the future and all participants are creating a legacy. This book will be a compass for EPA Asia advocacy and policy for years to come and a reminder of the importance to collaborate also when in crisis.

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