Camilla Bullock

Camilla Bullock is the CEO and co-founder of EPA Asia. She has a long career in the financial technology industry and often talks about coming home when she started her work in the payments industry.  Camilla has been critical in the Asia Pacific Payments innovation ecosystem, driving thought-provoking conversations and establishing collaborations between corporations and innovators. She is a true entrepreneur, connecting people and thoughts to drive innovation for the Payments industry.

Linda Stanojevic

Linda is the Executive GM Product and Marketing Strategy of EPA Asia, Empower Innovation. She has vast executive experience leading technology, product, and marketing business innovation in the Financial Services, financial Technology, and Telco industries. Linda has played a key role in securing new Bank licenses, as a Director and shareholder, in NeoBank start-ups and has led Innovation & Thought Leadership functions at Ericsson and CBA. She is an expert in driving organisational innovation output.

Andrea Dunlop

Andrea is the Chairwoman of the Emerging Payments Association’s Advisory Board; Board member of the European Women in Payments Network. She also sits on several industry forums including the Payment Systems Regulator in the UK. She is a passionate speaker and supporter of diversity and inclusion, as well as financial inclusion, championing and challenging the industry to deliver better financial products for the benefit of all.

Niamh Laing

Niamh is the Social Media Manager of Meet-Her She Knows Payments, overseeing content creation and digital strategies across Instagram and LinkedIn. She is a highly creative and passionate individual with the ability to identify a brands purpose and core values to deliver a unique and authentic social media presence. 

Monica Zhang

Monica is the business analyst intern of EPA Asia, updating EPA Asia CRM database, performing in-depth consumer analysis and providing support to initiatives and projects. Monica is a self-starter with a collaborative mindset and innovative approach. She is expecting to become an analytical thinker who thrive in a dynamic environment, driving creative technological solutions and the future of global finance.