Chapter 3

“Digital identity underpins everything we are working to advance.”

Payments are the front line of the digital economy and therefore digital identity. Chapter 3 Digital Identity

The Emerging Payments Association (EPA) Asia is a commercial membership association of payments industry influencers. EPA Asia is part of the growing EPA global network.
It runs more than 30 events each year, delivers eight projects annually to drive change, helps to connect the ecosystem, encourages innovation and profitable business growth.
The EPA’s vision is for Asia is to be the regional Knowledge Hub for payments innovation. As it sets out to be the most influential trade body in emerging payments, the EPA’s mission, to collaborate to innovate, has the potential to improve lives everywhere.

Payments are at the front line of digital identity due to the immediate valuable use cases in:

  • verification (KYC)
  • authentication (credentials), and
  • authorisation
  • The topic is broader than personal identity, as large corporates and SMEs, trusts, NFPs/NGOs and governments also participate in the payments system.

    Beyond the payments system, the benefits to society from digital identity are huge, especially in developing economies. There are benefits for sustainable development such as gender equality and financial inclusion of both the unbanked and the underbanked.

    Even before the pandemic, in many parts of Asia, people did not have easy access to physical banking infrastructure (e.g. ATMs and bank branches) due to geographic distance and lack of transportation options. Currently, if people don’t have access to digital services, and part of this is proving who you are, then they find themselves excluded in the digital world, even if in the analogue world they would not be excluded.

    “We have to fix the way people authenticate and authorise online.”

    Additionally, not everyone in the analogue world has the right identity documents. Birth registrations are not 100%, especially not for girls, in poor and remote regions. There are many women who cannot prove who they are which means they cannot get a bank account, or a mobile phone (and therefore access to the Internet), and are forced into dependence on a male family member.Even boys may not be registered until they need to go to school.

    It is a UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 16.9) that by 2030, all global citizens will be able to prove legal identity including birth registration.

    The work on digital identity is important work not only to advance the payments system to continue to be efficient, resilient, adaptive, robust and privacy-enhancing but also to advance sustainable economic development goals. The concept of digital identity is therefore core to economic development.

Linden Dawson

Director @ PWC Australia, Cybersecurity & Digital Trust, International Speaker, Masters of Public Policy, Customer Advocate

As an executive-level, business strategy & digital identity transformation professional, I am fascinated by emerging trends in consumer behaviour and technology. Now a Director with PWC Australia’s Cybersecurity & Digital Trust team, I build trust and solve problems for enterprise and government customers.

As an international industry speaker, I address topics that relate to information governance, privacy protection, human rights and technology as well as best-practice customer experiences.

Prior to holding Asia-Pacific regional customer success management roles at Ping Identity & Forgerock, I led an industry stakeholder engagement program on behalf of Australia Post. This included meeting with government regulators, privacy groups and public policymakers to secure advocacy and clear the path forward for the new Digital iD platform.

Throughout my career, I have successfully managed high performing, creative and passionate teams. My primary focus has always been to create a collaborative working environment that supports the well-being and development of my team, while still exceeding multi-million dollar contract revenue and profit targets and building strong relationships in market.

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