Chapter 11

Is blockchain the future of payments?

Chapter 11 Blockchain

The Emerging Payments Association (EPA) Asia is a commercial membership association of payments industry influencers. EPA Asia is part of the growing EPA global network. It runs more than 30 events each year, delivers eight projects annually to drive change, helps to connect the ecosystem, encourages innovation and profitable business growth. The EPA’s vision is for Asia is to be the regional Knowledge Hub for payments innovation. As it sets out to be the most influential trade body in emerging payments, the EPA’s mission, to collaborate to innovate, has the potential to improve lives everywhere.


Blockchain and other DLTs have significant implications for the future of payments.  These range from the opportunities of CBDCs and programmable money to the threats of cryptocurrencies and DeFi.  

Blockchain has the ability to revolutionise payments by modernising traditional pay methods and legacy rails with something faster, more secure and decentralised.

  • Blockchain-based payments enable businesses to grow sales without the risk of costly fraud chargebacks, the expense of legacy pay methods or the complexity of currency exchange.
  • Crypto usage increased exponentially over the last few years by making it as easy to send money as it is to send an email.
  • The ability to accept crypto expands a business’s sales opportunity into international markets where accepting credit cards is not practical, while reducing high fees and increasing payment transparency and efficiency.
  • Corporations that conduct business internationally and send billions overseas incur high fees and delays of up to a week.

If blockchain is the future of the payments industry, then merchant and consumer adoption of blockchain will continue to accelerate over the course of the decade. 

New models and solutions inspired by the DeFi concept if combined with enterprise-grade technology that delivers the required level of trust, distribution, compliance – and convenience – are hugely exciting. 

In this round table, we will explore what blockchain developments mean for the future of payments and how our industry might look in the years to come.

Specifically we will discuss:

  • What is different about DLT as an enabling technology?  What are the capabilities?  What are the limitations? 
  • How can you spend digital coins in the real world of P2P, B2B and B2C?
  • How does blockchain support the FSB G20 roadmap to enhance cross-border payments? 


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